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Completely PersonaKooka Logo lized Birthday Cards
Your Name or Office Name Printed on the Front

"A Thank You card will be seen, not deleted"
Greeting cards are 5x7 and postcards are 4x6


Card: RF-10
Postcard: PRF-010

Greeting Card size 5x7
Postcard size 4x6

Card: RF-17
Postcard: PRF-017


Card: RF-15
Postcard: PRF-015



Card: RF-11
Postcard: PRF-011


Card: RF-44
Postcard: PRF-044



Card: RF-91
Postcard: PRF-091


Card: RF-27
Postcard: PRF-027


Card: RF-38
Postcard: PRF-038


Card: RF-26
Postcard: PRF-026


Card: RF-11
Postcard: PRF-011


Card: RF-19
Postcard: PRF-019


Card: RF-95
Postcard: PRF-095


Card: RF-15
Postcard: PRF-015


Card: RF-31
Postcard: PRF-031


Card: RF-25
Postcard: PRF-025


Card: RF-30
Postcard: PRF-030


Card: RF-07
Postcard: PRF-007


Card: RF-29
Postcard: PRF-029


Card: RF-28
Postcard: PRF-028

Email us a photo of your office or staff and we turn it into a birthday card!

Card: RF-42
Postcard: PRF-042


Card: RF-90
Postcard: PRF-090

Inside Message Choices:
A: Thank you for your referral! The good things you say about us are the best compliments we can receive!
B: Thank You! Your trust and support mean the world to us!
C: Thank you for being such an important customer!
(Inside can also be blank for your own hand-written message or we can print any message you like.)


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